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Full Circle Quilt Pattern

This quilt pattern will allow your scraps to come to a Full Circle; to be used again in another quilt.

But don't worry, if you don't have scraps, I have the added option of using those jelly rolls or yardage.

This pattern is presented in a tutorial style fashion, geared towards those Confident Beginner quilters. The pattern contains 28 pages of detailed photos, diagrams and written descriptions of how to piece together each of the units needed to make the Full Circle quilt. 

Fabric Requirements:

Yardage amounts are calculated using 40” wof. 

Fabric 1 (4 ½ yards): a Background/Neutral Fabric – consider a white-on-white, black, light grey or a cream. Use fabric with little to no print, such as a blender or solid fabric. 

Fabric 2 (choose ONLY ONE of the options below): Choose fabric that contrasts with Fabric 1. Example: if you select a white-on-white fabric for Fabric 1, avoid using pale, pastel, light fabrics for Fabric 2.

  •   Option 1: Scraps – any color and/or you wish to use; as long as it stands out from your Fabric 1.
  •   Option 2 (62 strips, 2 ½” x wof): Jelly Roll – separate 62 of your favorite strips from two packages of jelly rolls. Sub cut into the number of squares needed.
  •   Option 3 (16 fabrics, each 10” x wof): Controlled Scrappy by using Yardage – choose about 16 (or more) different fabrics.
Example 1: Choose Green fabrics; pick 16 (or more) different fabrics that have a variety of green tone in them.
Example 2: Choose “fall” themed fabrics; divide fall fabrics into 4 color groups – orange, brown, green, and yellow. Then choose 4 fabrics of different tone to go in each of those color groups.

Fabric 3 (3” x wof): Choose a fabric that is your FAVORITE of your Fabric 2 choice. This can also be scrappy.

Binding (25” x wof): Recommend using Fabric 3 for the binding. This yardage is a suggestion based on a 2 ½” folded binding.

Additional Supplies:
TRI RECs Ruler set. 
Square ruler with 45 degree line
Long ruler for cutting strips
and other usual sewing notions such as pins, rotary cutter, mat, sewing machine, thread, etc.

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