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Desert Shadows Quilt Pattern

This is a free shadow box quilt pattern by Paco Rich. This pattern contains 5 pages of directions on how to piece together the shadow box quilt top that measures 70.5" x 81".
You will need 6 focus fabrics.
Shadow fabric needs to be different enough to stand out from each of the focus fabrics.
Pick a neutral for the background, it also needs to be light enough to stand out from the shadow AND the focus fabrics.
Shadow and background fabrics need to be a solid or blender fabric with little or no print.
Background: 2½ yards
Shadow: 1 yard 
Block 1: ½ yard
Block 2: ½ yard
Block 3: ½ yard
Block 4: ½ yard
Block 5: ½ yard
Block 6: ½ yard
Border 2: ? yard (or other focus fabric)

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