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Gila Regional Medical Center Auxiliary President is asking for your help!

If you are able and can sew, there is a need for masks.
Want to know why? Check out the explanation below the image...

They are asking for LARGE men-size Masks ONLY!

Each mask takes four 6" x 6" pieces of fabric.

Be sure to add in a 1/4" seam allowance when marking the template.

We currently have someone making the ties.

When you finish a mask (or would like the ties), contact Marilyn McCraken.
Cell: 575-574-8888
Landline: 575-388-2787

Click this image to be directed to the pattern template:
face mask sewing pattern

This pattern is from Craft Passion at

Dear Quilters, Seamstress all who can use a sewing machine,

The hospital auxiliary was asked to make medical masks by the Chief Nursing Officer at Gila Regional just a week ago.  As you no doubt have read over the past few days, the country is facing a severe shortage of all sorts of medical supplies and equipment.  You may have heard that “millions” of masks are on the way, but keep in mind that these are most likely single-use masks, whereas the masks we are making can be sterilized and re-used. 

You may be skeptical that these “home-made” masks are of any value.  I will admit to being skeptical myself, though I was more than willing to accept the authority of the Chief Nursing Officer.   Also, I could sense that her request was urgent.   Then I came across an article that made a good case for why even a home-made mask is worthwhile.  I am providing a link to it because it says it better than I could:


In just the last few days, most of the media have been full of articles about the value of making home-made masks, so I am thrilled (but not surprised) that Silver City is ahead of the curve.


Still, there are some people who doubt that this a good idea.  We have heard from them, sometimes not so politely.  I just ask that you take a look at the article.  If you are still not convinced, fine.  This is a VOLUNTARY project.  There will probably be many other ways you can help if the virus reaches Silver City.  Hopefully, it will not, but this project is part of being prepared.


IF you wish to participate, Marilyn McCracken, the auxiliary president, is the main contact person.  We have tie-makers and cutters who are helping out the sewers. Marilyn’s email address is and her phone numbers are 575-574-8888 (cell) and 575-388-2787 (landline). 


I hope you and your loved ones stay well and that we all come through this.  I think we will. 


Kathy Cole

quilter and auxiliary member
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